Should You Take Your Vitamins?

Multivitamins, the most common dietary supplement in America, are taken by at least one-third of US adults and account for billions of dollars of spending each year. Two weeks ago, the Journal of American Medical Association published a study that found taking a daily multivitamin supplement reduced the incidence of cancer by 8%.   13,641 male doctors over 50 […]

Cooking with Cauliflower

A Beautiful Brassica While the fields may seem bare in winter, there is in fact a bounty of flavorful, fascinating produce to be discovered.  One of the more familiar winter items is the cauliflower.  This veggie hails from the Brassica genus, which includes broccoli, turnips, and radishes.  The brassicas are also known as cruciferous vegetables, referring to the […]

Take a Bath in the Forest

Nature Deficit Disorder Many of us spend our days fundamentally separated from nature.  We work indoors, tracking time by the perpetual circling of the hands of the clock, and following the seasons by the cycle of Starbucks specials.  The demands of working life progress independently of any natural rhythm–and even when brief escapes afford us […]

Does Lifestyle Intervention Matter?

The NIH Look AHEAD Study A recent update from the NIH Look AHEAD study, a long-term lifestyle intervention trial for obese patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, concluded that the intensive interventions did not impact outcomes for cardiovascular events and deaths.  The “surprising result” made headlines in the New York Times and other news organizations. The official NIH statement described […]


Welcome to the Nourish Boston Blog! We are diving in right away with our blog!  This site will offer followers the chance to update on our organizational news, current research in health and sustainability, recipes, Boston area events, and other materials related to our effort. If you are interested in being a partner of or […]