2012: A Year in Review

2012 was a remarkable year for climate change science. Extreme weather events worldwide inspired researchers and politicians to take action and bring climate change conversations to the forefront with renewed fervor. Here is a recap of some of the year’s most important incidents and developments in climate change science and global warming: Drought: The United […]

Christmas Trees and Climate Change

Douglass Fir, Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, Scotch Pine – no matter what type of tree we choose to adorn with lights and ornaments this year, the Christmas tree is truly a special yuletide tradition. But before these beautiful coniferous tree species are harvested for the holidays, they comprise the world’s vast northern boreal forests. Coniferous […]

Phosphorus and the Goldilocks Problem

Phosphorus is a vital part of all life. It is not only found in our body’s energy source (ATP) and in our very DNA, but it is a crucial building block for the life of plants as well. Interestingly enough, it is a finite resource, irreplaceable, and mined in just a few places around the […]

Bringing Conservation to the Local Level

The USDA’s Conservation Stewardship Program reached a milestone earlier this week.  In four years, conservationists have registered 50 million acres of land in this voluntary program, which helps farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners participate and succeed in conservation efforts.   Through the CSP,the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service provides funding and technical support to eligible producers […]

Massachusetts Grabs 4th in State Health Ranking

The United Health Foundation, a not-for-profit, private foundation dedicated to improving health and healthcare, released the 2012 America’s Health Ranking Report. The Report examines how four core determinants of health (behavior, community and environment, policy and clinical care) affect health outcomes and combines these into one comprehensive view of the overall health of each state. […]

Too Warm for Winter Sports?

Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are great ways to get outside for some fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D in the dead of winter. But our snowy slopes are at risk in the face of climate change. The increasing temperatures and unpredictable winter weather patterns over the past few decades have caused the snowmobiling, […]