Are Children Getting Enough Exercise?

NPR is currently reporting the results of a recent poll conducted in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health in a series called On the Run: How Families Struggle to Eat Well and Exercise. The survey focuses on the childhood obesity epidemic and the combination of factors determined […]

Amazon Rainforest Census

In an effort to create and support more effective conservation policies, Brazil recently announced its plan to conduct a large scale census of the Amazon Rainforest, called the National Forest Inventory. Scientists and policy makers need accurate data about the rainforest ecosystem in order to assess its health and address its specific needs. As the […]

Tapping into the power of the Sun

Global energy systems, like petroleum, coal, and other traditional energy sources are pushing global temperatures ever higher with projections of rising temperatures reaching 3 degrees Celsius by 2050 and 6 degrees Celsius by 2100 (an increase of 2 degrees Celsius is widely considered the dangerous global tipping point). These projected temperature changes, if accurate, will […]

Food and Nutrition News Round-up

Food and Nutrition News Round-up: This was a busy week for nutrition, health and food in the news. Recent studies on diet, metabolism, and vitamins dominated headlines in publications such as TIME Health land, Science Daily, Wall Street Journal and USA Today, among others. A few headlines worth reading to catch up on major news […]

Technology and Our Health

Technology is amazing.  Much of our lives – both personal and professional – revolve around our gadgets, and social media and online communication in general certainly provides many benefits.  Not to mention the invaluable assistance that Google provides to those of us who lack expertise in kitchen, for example!  The internet is an irreplaceable method […]

Educational Partnership with Taza Chocolate

Nourish Boston is proud to announce its new educational partnership with Taza Chocolate of Somerville, Massachusetts.  Our partnership with Taza is based on our mutual belief in spreading the word about sustainability, direct trade, and the health benefits of whole, minimally-processed foods.  As part of this relationship, we will feature an element of Taza’s model […]

True Eco-Tourism: A Book Review

Visit Sunny Chernobyl by Andrew Blackwell is a travel memoir like we’ve never seen before. Instead of traveling to and writing about pristine environments and utopian vacation spots, Blackwell seeks out the most polluted, ravaged, and damaged parts of our planet in an effort to understand the true relationship between humans and nature, and perhaps […]