Food Revolution Day: Cook it. Share it. Live it.


Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef known for his creative, Italian-inspired dishes and emphasis on fresh, basic ingredients.  But Oliver’s vision and passion for cooking extends beyond his cookbooks and episodes of Jamie at Home or The Naked Chef on the Food Network.  In 2010, he founded the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (JOFF), a non-profit based in the U.S. dedicated to making food education accessible for youth, businesses, and communities.  JOFF raises awareness to inspire local and national policy changes, and offers hands-on educational programs to teach children where food comes from, how it affects their bodies, and how to prepare meals in healthy ways.  JOFF acts in concert with Oliver’s UK charity the Better Food Foundation (founded in 2002) and Australia’s Good Foundation.

The collective goals of Oliver’s organizations are closely aligned with those of Nourish Boston – to strengthen the connection between people and food for health, environmental, and cultural reasons.  Oliver describes the mission of the Better Food Foundation as such:

My charity aims to inspire people to reconnect with food. It’s all about raising awareness and
individual responsibility, resuscitating dying food culture around the world and, ultimately,
keeping cooking skills alive.

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Today, May 17th, is the second annual Food Revolution Day.  It’s a decentralized, grass-roots style day of action on which we are urged to advocate for high quality food and pay attention to its careful, artistic preparation in kitchens word wide.  It’s a day to build healthy communities by sharing healthy food, and to preserve and pass on cooking skills and culinary traditions that would otherwise be lost in translation. Research shows that meals prepared at home are more wholesome than those eaten out at restaurants, and returning to the conventions of cooking and sharing meals together fosters healthy family and community relationships.  To read about ways to participate in Food Revolution Day this year, take a look at the resources available online including tools to host an event in your area, or find one to join.  Activities such as hosting a potluck dinner, planting a garden, sharing Food Revolution Day’s mission via social media, or stopping by a local farmer’s market all promote community-oriented food education and celebration.

For a link to Jamie’s inspirational, award-wining speech on changing food culture worldwide and combating obesity and unhealthy diets, check out our collection of TED talks.  If you host or participate in a Food Day Revolution event, be sure to tell us about it!


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