New Study on Nature and Human Health

A recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research offers an interesting critique of existing research on the health benefits associated with spending time in nature. The authors do not discount the connections that have been made so far, but rather they attempt to identify potential gaps in the current body of research […]

Drinking Sugary Beverages Associated with Eating Unhealthy Foods

Reports show that over the past 20 years, consumption of sugary beverages has increased – kids are drinking more soda, fruit drinks, sport drinks and energy drinks.  According to a new study from the Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) are not only responsible for higher calorie diets in […]

Bee Colonies Lose Big Time, and so do we

Honeybee colonies have seen a marked rise in bee deaths over the last few years. What was once normal to lose 5-10% of a bee population has now increased exponentially to a norm of 40-50% loss since 2005. Never has a loss of this magnitude occurred before and many are looking for answers.   While […]

Health Benefits of Taza’s Pure Dark Chocolate

We at Nourish Boston love nutritious, delicious, whole foods that are good for the earth, body, and soul – and that includes dark chocolate! Before chocolate became a confectionery food product doctored up with excess dairy and fat, it was consumed in a more pure form for health benefits. Chocolate was an important source of […]

Making the Work Day Healthy

Many of us spend our days seated at computer screens from 9 – 5 working hard mentally, of course, but leaving our bodies idle. Add to that a traditional cubicle office arrangement, and we are also hidden from the sun. A recent study released last year by the University of Leicester and Loughborough University confirmed […]

TED Talk Collection

Looking for inspiration and new ideas?  TED is a great place to start.  TED is a nonprofit that brings people from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design realms together to speak, present, and share idea.  Experts, authors, scientists, and artists present their passions at conferences and events every year around the world, but TED also shares […]

Allston’s Green District: Sustainable City Living

Living in a city can be great way to incorporate environmentally friendly activities into your daily life and reduce your carbon footprint. Most cities have great public transportation options and walkable neighborhoods, a plethora of farmer’s markets year-round, and streamlined recycling pick up programs. But while renting an apartment in an antique Boston brownstone may […]