Making the Work Day Healthy

Many of us spend our days seated at computer screens from 9 – 5 working hard mentally, of course, but leaving our bodies idle. Add to that a traditional cubicle office arrangement, and we are also hidden from the sun. A recent study released last year by the University of Leicester and Loughborough University confirmed […]

TED Talk Collection

Looking for inspiration and new ideas?  TED is a great place to start.  TED is a nonprofit that brings people from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design realms together to speak, present, and share idea.  Experts, authors, scientists, and artists present their passions at conferences and events every year around the world, but TED also shares […]

Motivation to Move

The health benefits associated with exercise and regular physical activity are clear. The Mayo Clinic reports that being physically active helps with weight control, boosts mood and energy level, promotes better quality sleep, and can even improve one’s sex life. Exercise also helps combat serious diseases and health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, […]

Massachusetts Grabs 4th in State Health Ranking

The United Health Foundation, a not-for-profit, private foundation dedicated to improving health and healthcare, released the 2012 America’s Health Ranking Report. The Report examines how four core determinants of health (behavior, community and environment, policy and clinical care) affect health outcomes and combines these into one comprehensive view of the overall health of each state. […]

Brookline is Going Styrofoam Free!

Finally, some good news on the sustainability front – Brookline is the most recent town in Massachusetts to place a ban on Styrofoam (polystyrene) cups and to-go containers!  A town meeting on November 13, 2012 voted 167 to 49 in favor of banning Styrofoam containers from restaurants, coffee shops, and stores by December 2013.  This […]

Should You Take Your Vitamins?

Multivitamins, the most common dietary supplement in America, are taken by at least one-third of US adults and account for billions of dollars of spending each year. Two weeks ago, the Journal of American Medical Association published a study that found taking a daily multivitamin supplement reduced the incidence of cancer by 8%.   13,641 male doctors over 50 […]

Cooking with Cauliflower

A Beautiful Brassica While the fields may seem bare in winter, there is in fact a bounty of flavorful, fascinating produce to be discovered.  One of the more familiar winter items is the cauliflower.  This veggie hails from the Brassica genus, which includes broccoli, turnips, and radishes.  The brassicas are also known as cruciferous vegetables, referring to the […]