Nourish Boston at the Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Market

The Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Market is now in full swing for 2014, and Nourish Boston was happy to attend the second Sunday of the season this past weekend.  It was wonderful to meet members of the community and talk about (and taste) healthy, delicious food! The market offers a great mix of local and organic produce stands […]

TED Talk Collection

Looking for inspiration and new ideas?  TED is a great place to start.  TED is a nonprofit that brings people from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design realms together to speak, present, and share idea.  Experts, authors, scientists, and artists present their passions at conferences and events every year around the world, but TED also shares […]

Home Cooking for Health

One of the most commonly recommended strategies for healthy eating is preparing meals at home rather than relying on fast food and restaurant meals. Cooking for oneself gives the chef complete control over the ingredients, which means discretion over the amount of fat, salt, and sugar. It also allows for portion control, since restaurant servings […]

New Gallup Poll: America’s Weight Gain Over Time

Americans’ average weight and average ideal weight has steadily increased over time, a Gallup poll reports. Gallup’s annual Health and Healthcare survey has polled Americans every year since 2001, as well as in 1990 and 1999. Respondents were asked their current weight, ideal body weight, weight perception and weight goals.  When comparing the data from […]

Consumer Preferences and Behavior in Food Deserts

In a recent research effort, a team of professors and graduate students from Michigan State University set out to examine consumer preferences and behavior in food deserts. More specifically, they wondered what would happen after readily accessible healthy food was reintroduced into a food desert. A food desert is a location with poor quality, expensive, […]