New Study on Nature and Human Health

A recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research offers an interesting critique of existing research on the health benefits associated with spending time in nature. The authors do not discount the connections that have been made so far, but rather they attempt to identify potential gaps in the current body of research […]

Immersion in Nature

What is is about going for a walk in the park on a beautiful day that lifts our spirits?  There is something about taking a deep breath of fresh air that makes us feel alive, present, and connected to the environment.  The physical health benefits derived from getting outside and exercising are well understood and […]

Motivation to Move

The health benefits associated with exercise and regular physical activity are clear. The Mayo Clinic reports that being physically active helps with weight control, boosts mood and energy level, promotes better quality sleep, and can even improve one’s sex life. Exercise also helps combat serious diseases and health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, […]

Finding Peace in Nature

Life in the modern world is not always relaxing. In fact, especially in a city like Boston with all of its subways, vehicle traffic, bustling people, and tight schedules, life can be stressful as a norm – especially during these frantic holiday times. A fast-paced and stressful lifestyle calls for actively setting aside time to […]

Research Shows the Upside of Exercising Outside

December’s waning daylight hours and below freezing temperatures are not ideal conditions for that early morning run.  So here is some morning motivation: a review by researchers from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology in 2011 collected and compiled existing research to conclude that there are […]