Nourish Boston at the Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Market

The Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Market is now in full swing for 2014, and Nourish Boston was happy to attend the second Sunday of the season this past weekend.  It was wonderful to meet members of the community and talk about (and taste) healthy, delicious food! The market offers a great mix of local and organic produce stands […]

The Importance of Direct Trade

The connection between the healthy foods we eat and where they come from is at the core of Nourish Boston’s mission.  It is important to choose wholesome, minimally processed foods, but it is equally important to pay attention to how and where the food we consume is grown, and how it makes its way from […]

TED Talk Collection

Looking for inspiration and new ideas?  TED is a great place to start.  TED is a nonprofit that brings people from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design realms together to speak, present, and share idea.  Experts, authors, scientists, and artists present their passions at conferences and events every year around the world, but TED also shares […]

Hybrid Farming for a Sustainable Future

Which is more sustainable: conventional agriculture or organic agriculture? Depending on who you ask, you might receive answers like: “Conventional!  Organic farming uses more acreage and is more expensive in the marketplace”; or “Organic! Conventional farming poses an environmental threat by releasing greenhouse gases, using up water resources, and diminishing biodiversity.” Looking into the future, many […]

100% Organic by 2022

Refreshing news out of the small, Himalayan country of Bhutan yesterday:  the agricultural industry aims to be entirely organic in the next 10 years.  Bhutan’s primary crops are oranges, apples, rice, and potatoes, and while only a small portion of the country’s mountainous and forested landscape is farmable, about 80% of the populationrelies on agriculture as their source […]