Flatbread Company Benefit Night

The Nourish Boston team got together last Tuesday night for a benefit night hosted by Flatbread Company in Davis Square, Somerville! It was a great night full of delicious pizza, bowling, face painting, and raffle prizes for a few lucky winners. A huge thank you to Whole Foods Somerville, Taza Chocolate, the Museum of Science, the […]

Want to Dine Green? Head to Brookline

Washington Square in Brookline, Massachusetts has set its sights on becoming the first “Green Dining Zone” in the United States. In order to achieve this title, 25 percent of the restaurants in the neighborhood must become certified by the Green Restaurant Association. The Fireplace is currently the only green certified restaurant in Washington Square, so […]

Home Cooking for Health

One of the most commonly recommended strategies for healthy eating is preparing meals at home rather than relying on fast food and restaurant meals. Cooking for oneself gives the chef complete control over the ingredients, which means discretion over the amount of fat, salt, and sugar. It also allows for portion control, since restaurant servings […]

Brookline is Going Styrofoam Free!

Finally, some good news on the sustainability front – Brookline is the most recent town in Massachusetts to place a ban on Styrofoam (polystyrene) cups and to-go containers!  A town meeting on November 13, 2012 voted 167 to 49 in favor of banning Styrofoam containers from restaurants, coffee shops, and stores by December 2013.  This […]

How Restaurants Affect Kids’ Eating Habits

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that children consume more calories, soda, fat and sugar while eating at fast food and full-service restaurants than when eating at home. Amidst rising concerns of childhood obesity in the US, this study is an eye-opener for parents and legislators alike. […]